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Yoga with Alkaline Water

5 glasses of alkaline water and some steps of yoga for healthy blood pressure

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Healthy Life Style

Get disease free healthy life with alkaline and copper enhanced drinking water from our products.

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Why water is important?

No Life Without Water

You're only as healthy as the water you drink. Water is one of most important substance on the earth. A human body have 65% water (Brain -75%, Lungs - 83%, Blood - 90%, Skin - 64%, Bones - 31%, Kidney - 79%, Muscle - 79% and Liver - 79%). So drinking of water is very important for us.

Nature gives us a healthy environment (air & water). Peoples of “HUNZA VALLY” lives upto 145 years with average life of 120 years and that too healthy. This possible because they are living in pollution free environment as well as drink healthy alkaline water.

Our earth is covered by 70% of water and only 3% of them can be used by humans for drinking purpose. Remaining 3% is also contaminated with full of toxic chemicals, acids which removes natural alkalinity from water.


How alkaline products help?

Prevents Cancer

Better Hydration

Gives Energy

Help Loosing Weight

Boost Immune System

Fight Diseases

Balance pH Level

Works as Antioxidant

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What is Alkaline & pH Level?

You need alkaline products for healthy life or need a video marketing solution for your business. Swastik Fit India is there for your help. We provide world class alkaline products including water bottle, purifiers. Along with it we help businesses gather wider audience using our youtube marketing platform.

Potential of Hydrogen (pH) is the measurement of acid versus alkaline within a substance. A measurement of seven (7) on the pH scale is generally said to be neutral (pure), while anything below is considered acidic and above alkaline.

pH measures alkalinity/ acidic of liquid. Higher the pH higher the alkaline content. Lower the pH higher the acidic content.

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